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ASTROBITS is a team formed by a few like-minded individuals working hard to create a satellite that can fit in a soda can. With aid from ROSPIN, the team is currently developing a CanSat that needs to collect data after being dropped from the sky.


  1. ASTROBITS is made up of four students who put all of their expertise into building a CanSat to compete in the European CanSat/Rocketry Competition in Brescia, Italy. The European CanSat/Rocketry Competition, organized by the Student Branch IEEE Brescia STB1019 in collaboration with the World CanSat/Rocketry Championship (WCRC), funded by the University of Brescia, is a celebration of scientific curiosity and technical innovation. This event brings together students from all around Europe who all have a passion for aerospace, and the main purpose is to encourage participants to extend their horizons and apply their knowledge to a hands-on project.

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Project overview


To collaborate and create a strong bond in the aerospace domain.


Gather information about the level of pollution in the atmosphere.


Gain hands-on experience and apply what they already know.

Mission Objectives

Primary mission: Gather information about the level of pollution.

Secondary mission: Determine the atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, and air composition on a scale from sea level to 200-300m altitude and test the resistance of a unique structure based on a voronoi pattern.

About the team

  1. The CanSat team ASTROBITS was created by ROSPIN with four students from the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest. They are undergraduates in their second and third years. Three of the four students are from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, and one is from the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science. Fulfilled by their ambitious ideas and backgrounds in engineering, computer science, physics, and more, the team members are working hard on completing their mission and bringing innovative ideas.