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ROSPIN Academy

ROSPIN Academy is our educational program for students and young professionals who are passionate about space. If you are enrolled in a full-time Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.  or you have under 5 years of professional experience and you want to get started in the space industry, this is the place for you.


Accelerated Level 1 is an abridged version of ROSPIN Academy Level 1 that is intended for those who missed it in the autumn of 2022. We can’t offer the full experience again, but participants will have access to all the educational materials from Level 1 and will be given the chance to complete all the tasks during 3 weeks, in order to achieve a Level 1 Certificate of Completion, which is the only way to participate in ROPSIN Academy Level 2 – more information can be found in our Brochure.

Accelerated Level 1 takes place from 13 Feb. to 06 Mar. and you can apply through the form above until 10 Feb. at 23:59.

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Project overview


Active communication with the participants in order to contour a great, even "extraterrestrial", learning experience.

Listening to and learning from feedback. The syllabus was adjusted with people's wishes in mind.


Bridging the gap between participants and outer space with the help of a modern approach to learning.

Initiating students and broadening their understanding of the world around them.


Understand the complexity, depth and level of international collaboration within the space industry.

A syllabus dedicated to technical, inspirational and soft skills lectures. 

Develop your comprehension of our proposed subjects by discussing them with other participants in breakout sessions.

Academy Levels

ROSPIN Academy is spread across 3 Levels that are coordinated with the least busy periods during a University calendar year. Reaching its 3rd Edition, the ROSPIN Academy educational programme is composed of the levels described below.

Intro to the Space Sector: Oct & Nov 2022. Participants will have the chance to discover the space sector from different high-level perspectives and to find out how to build a career steered towards space in the first Academy level.

Lifecycle of a Space Mission: Mar & Apr 2023. The second Academy level will unfold a more technical overview for participants to grasp the different aspects and activities that are relevant in each mission phase, in order to successfully design, build, launch and operate a spacecraft. 

Mission Design Workshop with Industry: Summer 2023. The most astute participants will gain a more specialised experience with spacecraft engineering through a space mission design workshop, organised in collaboration with local and international industry professionals in the final Academy level.