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Romanian Cansat/Rocketry Championship

The RCRC Experience is designed to inspire students to build their own custom space-like missions. In the CanSat challenge, university students embark on a thrilling adventure to design and build their uniquely crafted, can-shaped satellites and it provides hands-on learning opportunities that can be applied to their future careers as scientists or engineers.

The Rocketry challenge is tailored for high school pupils, providing an unparalleled opportunity to create and launch their own rocket models. This mission is taken to the next level by developing and deploying rocket payloads for scientific experiments, data collection, or even technology demonstrations.

Through this program, all participants are able to gain knowledge about space exploration, how to build, launch and use their own satellites, rockets and other technologies to explore our universe, as well as receive feedback on their projects from experts in the aerospace industry.


What is a CanSat?

A CanSat is a simulation of an actual satellite integrated within the volume and shape of a soft drink can. The challenge for the students is to fit all the major subsystems found in a satellite, such as power, sensors, and a communication system, into this minimal volume. The CanSat is then launched by a rocket, or dropped from a platform, drone, or captive balloon. Then its mission begins. This involves conducting a scientific experiment, achieving a safe landing, and analyzing the data collected.

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Project overview


Considering the lack of student contests, that are not purely theoretical, in the field of Space exploration, this project intends to give students the oportunity to experience all the phases of a real space project.​


Giving students a chance to gain knowledge about space exploration, how to build, launch and use their own satellites, rockets, payloads and other technologies to explore our universe.​


Providing students with practical experience working on a real project that can help them develop valuable teamwork, problem-solving, engineering, and creativity skills.​