Our projects

ROSPIN Academy

Romanian Space Initiative is a Non-Governmental Organisation that came to life thanks to unique and passionate people that converged towards one goal: bringing space closer to the Romanian youth.

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Project overview


Active communication with the participants in order to contour a great, even "extraterrestrial", learning experience.

Listening to and learning from feedback. The syllabus was adjusted with people's wishes in mind.


Bridging the gap between participants and outer space with the help of a modern approach to learning.

Initiating students and broadening their understanding of the world around them.


Understand the complexity, depth and level of international collaboration within the space industry.

A syllabus spanning 10 weeks dedicated to technical, inspirational and soft skills lectures. 

Develop your comprehension of our proposed subjects by discussing them with other participants in breakout sessions.

Our Speakers

In all my professional endeavours through the UK, Colombia, Belgium, the USA, Germany and Romania, I had the opportunity to learn so much by meeting and working with a lot of different people. And this is what ROSPIN is all about: uniting the community of Romanian space enthusiasts to collaborate, learn and grow.

ROSPIN Academy is special because it reaches out to those passionate and brings them closer to space. This experience is made for those who want it, and it will be enjoyable, fun and engaging. Space will unfold for the participants, together with all its opportunities.

This educational activity will take the participants’ careers closer to space, guiding them through a complete trip about the industry. We are confident that in the long run, the skills acquired and put into practice by our alumni will flourish as a growth of Romania’s contributions in space.


Maria Alexandra Niță

Project Manager